Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Saturday adventure

For the second Saturday in a row I had a "Saturday Adventure". 

While Kait was at the Groomers helping out, I took Wendy and Chandler to explore what I call the "Western Shore". 

We discovered a Fort. 

York Redoubt it's called.  I walked about and found these weathered cannons hidden in the snow under an aged apple tree.

Other more modern canons looked out over the wall of the fort facing toward the harbour, McNabs Island and Eastern Passage in the far distance.

We continued driving as far as the village of Sambro.  There, on an overgrown peninsula I spied a cemetary and stopped to walk between the head stones and ponder about the people around me who were no more. 

What were their lives like ?  How did this place come to be so neglected ?  And who placed the plastic flowers on the grave of Melissa Henneberry who died in 1920 ? 

The scenery is much more rugged than on the eastern side and the roadsides (in the prettier spots) are dotted with "Franken Homes".  A more personal name for "monster homes".  Out of place monoliths.  What on earth do the locals make of these over-housed folk ? 

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  1. I loved this Syb.. old cemeteries are so interesting..
    Keep up the excellent bloggin'
    hugs :)


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