Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boat names ...

The back windows at the Curves gym look out on the dock at Fisherman's Cove.  Not a bad view. 

Sometimes when I'm jogging on the spot I look out the window and ponder how people come up with names for their boats.

Some are sentimental liked the one called Mom and Dad

Several seem to be named after girlfriends or perhaps daughters: Emerald Rose,  Little Stephanie, Oralee, Lesa Marie, Rhian-Lee and  Sonya Marie. 

Some are funny like Crabs R Us and  Fish'em Not Wish'em.  

I wonder about the captain who named his boat "Hurtin' Unit".

One boat is Overdue.  Is it the boat that's over due or payments on the boat ?

Then there's the rather colourful Fiddler's Green.  Sounds more like the name of an Irish Pub than a boat.

That leaves Time Out, Michael & Lisa and Captain's Pride. 

Each name says a little something about the Captain who sets out in fair seas or rough to make a perilous meagre living.

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