Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chandler digs the beach

Have you noticed most of the beach photos are of Wendy and Trey ?   I actually walk with three dogs, not two.

I have one of those throwing sticks and Wendy and Trey love blasting at full speed after balls hurled down the beach.

But where is the third dog, Chandler (the mini schnauzer) in those shots ?  The answer is, he's not.  Chandler has his own beach agenda. 

After parking the car, the dogs and I walk down a gravel road to the beach.  (Wait. Did that sentence make it sound like the dogs park the car? )

While the others are chasing the ball, Chandler disappears ahead of us to his favourite place. His favourite place is a varmint hole.  Keep in mind that the ground is frozen but that doesn't deter him.  Chandler loves to dig.  Dig, dig, dig. 

Can you see the hole in the picture ?  Can you see the little grey bum sticking out of the hole in the picture ?  If you click the picture it will expand to full screen.  The beach and the boardwalk are in the background.

Chandler has been visiting the same hole for weeks.  I walk on to the beach with Wendy and Trey.  We don't see Chandler for ages.  Then suddenly Chandler will come tearing down the beach to check on us, his face all mucky, front legs covered in dirt.   I swear, he's smiling.  "OK.  So you're here" he grins.  "I'm going back to my hole" and takes back off again.

And so that's how it goes for the entire walk.

Two dogs chasing a ball and one little dog digging and checking in, digging and checking in.

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