Friday, January 8, 2010

A Curve in the road ...

So after a one week trail I joined the local Eastern Passage CURVES.

I've never joined a fitness club before.   Didn't have the time.  Well THAT excuse is no good any more. Didn't want to have some guy yelling at me to work out HARDER !   Not a problem here.  Didn't want to have to be working out next to some cute, blonde, buxom, bimbette.   No worries on that front.  Average age is around 55.

The Curves system involves 10 or so "stations" or different pieces of work-out equipment.  Between each piece is a stepping board.   A spring-loaded board that you can jog, jump or walk on.  You use each piece for only 30 seconds then move on to the next piece. 

You work your way around the room 2 1/2 times. Then you move onto the stretching station.  You move at your own pace and I've never been there when there were more than four of us using the equipment. 
It's certainly the right system for me. 

Wonder about what's outside those windows ?

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