Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Door fighting

Recently I mentioned how courteous drivers in this area are.  They stop for pedestrians who are THINKING of crossing the road.  They stop to let you turn left.  They don't blast their horns when you cross five lanes of traffic to make it to your exit on the "circ".

Well they are real door holders to.  You coming out ?   I'll hold the door for you.  No wait, you're holding it for me.  No. You go.  No, no.  YOU go.  Lots of smiling and head bobbing.

I've seen this often.

I pick Kaitlyn up from the Wendy's / Timmies where she works.  I often arrive early and have hot chocolate with a peppermint shot and people watch.   Yesterday a fella from the Forces tried to hold the door for an elderly gent who would have none of it.   It was an amusing stand off.  I think eventually the Forces guy won and the elderly gent saluted as he passed. 

Forces base Shearwater is nearby.  We often see people in camoflague uniforms in the mall, at the grocery store or at Timmies.  They are always shown courtesy and deference.  We are very aware that they may be home on leave from Afghanistan and may soon be returning to that horror.  And we hope a smile and a head bob conveys a message of support and thanks.

Not sure how I feel about us being in Afghanistan.  Only time will tell if it's  right or wrong.  But we mean well and are trying to do the right thing. 

And by that slight nod of the head we acknowledge to incredible risk these men and women are taking.  With their own lives.  For what they believe to be right. 

And so, I nod MY head. 

And smile.


  1. Love your blog Sybil. We also moved here after 40 years in Ontario (returning home to retire. We love living in "user friendly" Nova Scotia and we love our easy access to the beaches and the forest.

  2. Here, Here - I salute your nod and please give an extra one for me!

  3. I have a military friend in NS and I too appreciate your "nod".




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