Friday, January 1, 2010

The kids go out for New Year's Eve

Kait, her fiance Matt and Sarah Cody had been looking forward to their New Year's Eve outing for sometime.  They'd found some locals via Kijiji who were happy to show them around and tell them some good places to go for New Years.

The transit (including ferries) was free and the plan was that I would meet the kids at the ferry when they took the last ferry back from Halifax at 1:30 am.  Plan B involved them taking a taxi to the Alderney Ferry on the Dartmouth side if they decided to stay out past the last ferry time.

At 3:15 am my phone rang.  They'd just called the taxi and would let me know when they were in it.  I decided to get up and head out anyhoo to Alderny.  Good thing.  The next call came when I was almost there.  The taxis were refusing to take them to Dartmouth.  By leaving Halifax the taxi would be losing the opportunity of picking up another fare.  So the kids had been standing outside, waiting for a taxi that would never come.  We agreed I'd come and pick them up at the ferry station (which was closed) on the Halifax side.  By the time I got there they were waiting for me.  They'd been outside for around an hour waiting for cabs, trying to hail cabs and then walking to the pick up point.  Got them home around 4:15.

They went to "The Dome" (entry $25) and "Bubbles" ($5 entry).   The prices are indicative of the popularity of the two locations.

When I picked them up they were hoarse, tired, slightly inebriated and very c-c-cold. 

But they'd had a good time !

Me?  I'd spent the evening chatting on the phone with friends, playing on-line double solitaire and watching endless episodes of "Destroyed in seconds!"    At 5 minutes to midnight I switched over to the local countdown and was surprised when I started hearing 'bangs' outside !  Apparently fireworks at midnight are a big thing here.  From my front window I could glimpse four or five different batches of fireworks being set off at midnight.  The closest was just three doors down from me.  Rather a wonderful tradition I think.

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