Thursday, January 14, 2010

The mellow pack

We've established that Kait and I have too many critters. 

She has two dogs (Sooki and Trey). And I have two dogs (Wendy and Chandler) and three cats.

I just wanted to share some pics with you and hopefully make you smile.

Trey and Kait's puppy, Sooki

Chandler and Thumper

Wendy reluctantly tolerate Sooki.

Chandler, Roswell and Wendy. 

All my critters:. Wendy, Butters, Chandler, Thumper and Roswell together on my bed.
Chandler, Wendy, Sooki and Trey


  1. I just LOVE how all of them huddle together!

    God I miss my furry babies. I am hoping for an Easter pooch!

  2. Beautiful photos Sybs..


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