Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Storm surge

A storm surge is sorta like a mini tsunami.  There's a storm a'comin' and high tide at the same time and the on shore winds push the waves ever higher and harder.

There have been surges for a couple of nights now.

At Rainbow Haven sand and rocks have been washed up and over the high water mark and blown over the grassy dunes leaving a bit of a mess in its wake.

The second long board walk on the beach no longer ends at a lovely sandy point.  Instead the steps end a few inches above piles and piles of rock.  No sand.   The  top "before" picture was taken at low tide and shows the great expanse of sand beach.  The picture below is same location at high tide and sand in foreground has been replaced by rocks and much of embankment in the background has been greatly eroded.

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  1. :( What a shame to lose such a beautiful sand beach. Less sand for all that flesh to lie on during the summer months!


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