Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walking on water ...

There's a lovely lake less than 2 km from our home up Caldwell Road.  It's a short narrow lake. 

Driving by it this afternoon, I noticed a lot of cars parked by the road so I stopped.

I wandered out onto the frozen lake my camera to see what was going on.

It turned out a lot was going on.

People had shovelled numerous small skating rinks.  There were even some paths cleared around the icey surface.   Families were picnicing on the ice.  Children who were just learning to skate were pushing chairs around the meandering paths.  

At one end of the lake a major game of pick-up hockey was going on.

At the opposite end of the lake, several different concentric circles had been cleared and people with motorbikes with studded tires were racing around.  Their bikes leaning precariously on the corners.

I was glad I stopped.

It's a pity that tomorrow the temperatures will rise.  The rains will come.  And the lake will turn back into a lake.

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