Monday, January 11, 2010

Surfers in January !

I'd been told that Lawrencetown Beach attracts surfers year-round.   So Sunday afternoon with Kait and Matt in tow I set out to see for myself.

While the previous beach we'd been to had a parking lot with four or five cars, the Lawrencetown Beach had a full parking lot with 10 or so cars.  As we pulled up, so did another car with three surf boards on its roof.

I scrambled over the boulder strewn breakwall. One lone surfer paddling out was all I initially saw. Then I looked to my right, to where the beach curves into a rocky point.  I guess that outcropping causes the waves to break better there.  And that's where the surfers were.  Eight of them were out there in wet suits lying on their boards waiting for the perfect wave to come by.

It was late afternoon and quite cold.  I only lingered long enough to take a few pics. 

I'm definitely going back.

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  1. Sybil, you got some great photos! I think you have an interesting future as a surfer groupie :)


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