Monday, February 22, 2010

A visitor from Upper Canada ...

I was told when I moved to Nova Scotia last November that I'd have no shortage of visitors and I'm quite fine with that. 

A childhood friend is coming in June as is a niece.  Others have said they'll be coming in the summer and I will be so happy to welcome them here and show them around.

But ...

it is a special friend who comes to visit you in February !

You know when someone comes in February that they are coming to see you and you alone.

I had been anticipating Sandy's visit for a couple of months.  She came last Wednesday afternoon and left on Saturday afternoon.  A pretty brief visit.  But oh, did we cram a lot into two and a half days !

Thursday we drove to Peggy's Cove.  A pleasant 45 minute scenic drive from Halifax.  We stopped often to snap pictures and once there had a lovely lunch at a table that looked out on the lighthouse.

Friday we made our way to Martinique Beach about 40 minutes in the opposite direction down the Eastern Shore.  At 5 km, Martinuqe is the longest beach in Nova Scotia. The road behind the beach was snow covered and we drove in the tracks of other vehicles but stopped when the tracks petered out and the car started bottoming on the snow.  We declared that to be a good spot to park and went to explore the beach which was misty and heavy with the smell of sea salt.  A trio of surfers were just leaving the beach. 

We strolled up the beach searching for shells and sea glass.  Distracted we turned from the sea and had our boots filled by a rogue wave that was much deeper and faster than those before it.  Ice water poured into our boots and we ran screaming and laughing up the beach.  Eventually the water warmed in our boots and we continued our stroll, sloshing our way along the beach.  Clearly we're slow learners as it happened twice more !  After the third soaking we went back to the car to warm our feet.

On the way back we stopped briefly at Lawrencetown Beach to see the surfers there.  There were nine of them (in wet suits) braving the winds and the frigid water at the point there.  It was a real treat to watch them as they bobbed in the surf, waiting for the perfect wave.

Saturday we went to the Martime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax and spent most of our time watching a film and looking at artifacts about the devestating Halifax Explosion of 1917.  It's a good museum and well worth a visit.

We did other things too.  Dined at Warf Wraps at Fisherman's Cove and enjoyed drinks in the lounge of Boondocks (also in the Cove).  Explored the boardwalk at McCormick's Beach next to the Cove and visted Rainbow Haven Beach (with the dogs) twice.

Like I said, we did a lot.

And it was wonderful to spend some time with an old friend.   Okay, okay, Sandy -- not THAT old. 

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