Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why fly the darn flag eh ?

I like the Canadian flag.  On July 1st I get out my little flags to adorn the front of the house in an effort to be appropriately patriotic.  But I don't have a flag pole and don't fly the flag.

But if I did, I sure wouldn't fly it until it became ragged and tattered.  Like this one on someone's lawn near Cow Bay and Dyke Road   ...

 or this tatty one tangled in a tree not far down the road.


I see both these flags on my daily drive to Rainbow Haven Beach and quite frankly they make me sad.  That's just not the way our flag should be treated. 

So I started looking at Canadian flags in the area to see what condition they were in and was really disappointed.

Like this one is at the  Canadian Legion (left) ...

or this one down at Fisherman's Cove (right) ...

If you're not going to care for it, please don't fly the Canadian flag.

Rant over. 


I feel better.

Here's the flag that flies in front of the Buffalo Lodge on Dyke Road.

Beauty eh  !


  1. Sybil: As I read your tid-bits of your new life, I can hear your father's voice and I so enjoy that. Even so, you are such a unique and interesting individual and your writing pulls me in like a warm pair of comfortable pj's! I love you were able AND brave enough to start on a new journey at this point in your life. I will continue to visit your blog and keep being awakened by your opinions and adventures. Very nice.

  2. Thanks Jo-Ann,

    I am having quite the adventure.

    Cheers, Sybil


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