Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yearning for spring ...

Yearning for spring is a national passtime in Canada.*   In February our thoughts turn to warmer days, gardening and dreaming about going outside without wearing boots. **

But for most of us, spring is still two months away !  How is it that year after year we forget that teeny tiny fact ?

The nice people at the major grocery chains are tuned into our collective yearning, and stock potted spring bulbs starting in mid-February.  Crocii, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths fill the plant shelves.

I am already on my second pot.  The first is starting to look a little past it but still smelling wonderful.

I'm talking Hyacinths here.  Love 'em.  Love the smell.  I stick my nose up to the blooms and sniff DEEEEEPLY.   Aahhhhhhhhhhh,  THAT is the smell of spring.  I even love the smell of the wet soil when I water them.

When their blooming is done, I cut off the faded blooms and keep the greenery around for a while.  Then I let them dry out and when REAL spring comes plant them in the warm earth.

Maybe today I'll browse through my gardening magazines and start planning my garden.

* Those of you on the West Coast can just skip today's Blog.  I know, I know,  the damn daffodils are already blooming out there !!!

** Those of you in the Halifax area who manage to get through the winter without boots can ignore that sentence.

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