Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Those heady first spring-like days ...

I know it's not spring.  Not really spring.  But after a long winter of mittens, long coats and boots, that first warm, sunny day is magical. 

Sunday usually finds me heading out for Sunday Brunch with the gang.  I love Sunday Brunch.  Always a nice time.  But it was too nice out in the yard so I opted to stay home and rake the lawn and pick up poop.  

In the afternoon I went to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax with the kids (Kait, her bf and Sarah) and the FOUR dogs.  I'd never been to Point Pleasant Park before.  It's a huge wonderful, heavily forested park at the southern end of Halifax, juttiing out into the harbour.  The park is criss-crossed with numerous off-leash dog trails.  We all had a terrific time and being the first warm Sunday in months it brought out dog-people in droves. 

Back in 2003, Halifax was hit by hurricane Juan.  The eye of the hurricane struck the park directly. Did I say the park was heavily forested ?  The park HAD been heavily forested.  Many of those marvellous tall trees that once blocked out the sun are gone.  Their skeletal trunks lie broken across the forest floor or stand as stark reminders of  what used to be. 

The park is still a beautiful place and I know I will be going back again, and again.

That Monday was a copy of Sunday was a bonus. Kait was back at work so I took three of the dogs to the beach where they chased the ball while I searched the beach for interesting shells.

A sunny day spent outside is such a wonderful tonic.  When the day ends you feel tired but it's such a nice tired.  It's lovely to lie down at the end of such a day and have a nice sleep...with friends. 

... assuming you can find a spot.

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