Friday, April 16, 2010

A drapery of dogs ...

The term "pack of dogs" doesn't convey the warmest of images.  Perhaps at one time it was a more benign term but now when you hear about a pack of dogs, it brings to mind a slathering, on-the-hunt, agressive group.  How come lions get to be in a "pride"?  How threatening is the term a "colony" of bacteria ?   A "clutter" of cats is lovely but does not hint at the killers of mice and song birds that they are.  What are a bunch of crocodiles called ?  A "nest" !   A frikkin' NEST of sweet and fluffy CROCODILES !

I think it is time we change the collective term for a group of dogs from pack.

May I respectfully submit to you that I think a group of dogs should be changed to a "drapery" of dogs in recognition of the way they drape themselves over furniture, each other and us.

In support of same, I humbly present to you the following images.

I rest my case.

P.S.  Were you worried that this Blog would be about making draperies from dogs ?

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