Sunday, April 4, 2010

A great day.

Friday was one of those marvellous days.  A lovely day spent outside.

The weather was mild and I spent ages digging in the garden.  I love digging in the garden.  A couple of weeks ago I'd dug a site and set up a pond.  I'd put a bit of water in it to ensure it was level.   If I'd put in too much then it would have been too heavy to adjust.  Trouble is when I came back from my visit to Ontario it had rained.  Water had flowed into the hole under the pond and the basically, well, ummmm, the pond was floating.  I had to lift it out.  Bail the water.  Reshape the hole and reset the pond.  Only this time I filled it right away. I worked on diging new gardens.  The garden doesn't drain well on one side so I'll be getting topsoil delivered so I can raise the level on one side.  I'll also enjoy using the topsoil to fix up a vegetable garden.


After lunch a chum came over and we went to explore the very dense woods at the end of my street.  I'd hoped that I'd be able to go far into the woods as far as a meadow I'd seen on Google Earth.  But it was far too tangled and overgrown to get very far.  But we did to see some lovely lush moss.  I'm zany for moss, fungii and lichen.  They look like magical little worlds within our bigger world.  (click on the images and see what I mean)


After she left I returned to the garden.

All the time I was draining holes and filling holes Trey kept bringing his ball and dropping it in the hole.  At one point I had to lift the pond to get the damn just-dropped ball out.

Guess that was his way of reminding me that he and the others wanted to go to the beach.

So off to Rainbow Haven we went. 

Boy did I learn a lesson.  Just because it's lovely a warm in our sheltered back garden, the beach is on the Atlantic Ocean !  It's cooler by the ocean.  I was at the beach for two hours and had a terrific walk but my hands froze.  A hazy mist or is it fog ?  blanketed the area.  It's so pretty the way it softens the edges of the world.  Looking down the beach the horizon line is not clear.  Reality just sorta fades out. 


Yesterday the forecast bore listening to.  "Highs of 20-25 INLAND and 9-16 in coastal areas".  Guess who lives in a coastal area ?  So if you're coming for a visit, bear that in mind.

Now I'll just make sure I've got those mini-gloves handy for the next month or so.  Just in case.

I feel so lucky to be here.

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