Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Introducing the pack.

I'm always talking about "the pack" so I thought I'd introduce them to you.

At six years of age Chandler aka "Little Man", the mini Schnauzer, is the eldest.  He and Wendy, the lab / whippit cross are my dogs.  The other two, Trey and Sooki, belong to Kait.

But today is all about Chandler.  Chandler would like that because he does feel that it IS all about him.  

Chandler is bossy and dominant.  He's going to get himself killed one day by running up to a Rottweiler, standing on his hind legs, reaching up as high as he can (which isn't very high) and growling.  He's saying "this is my beach and  I AM THE BOSS".  Now if a dog turns and growls back, Chandler romps off quickly going "just kidding, just kidding".  He's a cowardly bully.

Wendy grew up with Chandler's "attitude" and generally just goes with it but both of them know she could thump him if she wanted.  But she doesn't want. 

Kait's dogs are both pit bulls.   Guess who's boss ?  Chandler of course.

We have several cats.  I have three and Kait's friend, who lives with us, has two.  Guess who finds the cats exciting but in an entirely inappropriate way ?  I've walked in to find a cat trying to walk across the floor, meowing pathetically while Chandler "humps" it. 

Chandler is the one who plays most with the cats.  Particularly Roswell.  Here's a link to a video of them playing.  

When I'm calling the dogs to go outside, Chandler is always the last to go out.  He waits till I've sat back down and then asks to go out with the others so I have to get back up and let him out. When it's time to come in he's never in sight.  I let the others in.  I call and call him to no avail.  As soon as I sit back down he's woofing at the door.  The dork.

When we go to the beach or park he does his own thing.  His own thing involves hunting mice or other little critters.  He never catches them but he sure enjoys roving around looking.   Sometimes he digs at an animal hole.  And digs.  And digs. 

It's still cold in the salt marsh behind the beach.  That doesn't stop Chandler from chasing ducks.  We're not talking about on land here.  No, he sees ducks in the water and has the misguided idea that he's a retriever and not the round-bodied, skinny-legged Schnauzer that he is.  So he runs full tilt into the frigid water happily watching the ducks scuttle off. 

Meanwhile I'm walking with the other dogs and throwing the ball.  Occassionally I forget that Chandler is even with us.  He vanishes for several minutes and then re-appears briefly and tears off again to have new adventures.

Chnadler's party trick is his howl.  He'll sit in your lap, put his paws on your shoulders and howl in your face.  To get him started I just have to quietly say "woooo" and he's off.  His head arches back and his nose turns to the sky.  The hard part is getting him to stop and ensuring that the howlathon doesn't spread to the rest of the pack.

Chandler is a very in-your-face sort of dog.  He never got the memo about respecting personal space.  He'll stare at you intently nose to nose.  I have no idea WHAT he's thinking.

He's a bit of a dork.  But he's MY dork and I love him.

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