Friday, April 9, 2010

There'll be some changes made (Chandler got quilled -- follow up)

That Chandler took off and got quilled yesterday is my fault.

I'd been warned about porcupines in the area, especially in the evening.  Still I ventured into the woods and allowed him to romp off.

Kait had warned me that his roving ways would catch up with him.  Her biggest fear was that he'd get lost.  She repeatedly suggested I keep him on a harness and long rope when walking him.  I didn't want to curtail his "freedom". 

Now Chandler and I are both paying for my foolishness.  He, because he had to endure having 33 quills yanked from his face and me because I'm going to have to pay the vet bill that will result from the extraction today of the one quill that was fully embedded under his skin.  Estimate:  $175-$250.

To which Chandler and I both respond:  "OUCH" !

So there'll be some changes made.

No more solo expeditions into the woods for Chandler.  

I hope he'll understand.

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