Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear sweet Sooki

Sooki is Kaitlyn's second dog.  She's a sweet 8 month old red-nose pitbull.  She's all wrinkles and soppy eyes.  While Trey, at just over a year old, is a sober thoughtful people-dog, Sookie is a high-energy goofball.

Sooki quickly blended into the existing group, pestering the other dogs to play and chewing whatever she could get her itchy puppy teeth into.  She is the reason I no longer have a telephone headset !

While Trey obsesses over ball chasing, Sooki's goal is to personally greet every dog or person she sees while we're out and about at the park or beach.


This is Sooki with her puppy buddy, Remi.  They're at the beach and Sooki has found a lovely piece of seaweed.

Sooki loves everyone and everything.

Actually that's not entirely true.

Poor Sooki is terrified of going in the car !  She was sick on her very first drive in the car.  It has continued on every subsequent trip.  We thought if we started with short trips we could get her used to being in the car.  She rarely throws up now, but she has developed such a fear that when she thinks she's going in the car she starts to trenble and drool.  She won't even walk toward the car.  We have to pick her up and carry her.  We are very patient and she is slowly getting better.  She now climbs into the car on her own and sits down mournfully waiting for it to be over. 

Kait is apprenticing with a groomer in Halifax and takes Sooki to work with her daily.  Sooki plays with another puppy and enjoys greeting every visitor both human and animal.

Aside from the car-thing she is darling happy dog. 

Choosing pictures of Sooki for today's Blog was very difficult. 
Too many pictures and all of them cute as heck !

See what I mean ?

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