Monday, May 24, 2010

I wish ...

As I travel about the area in my day-to-day routines I'm often pulling out my camera and snapping quick pics for future Blog fodder.  There are shots of church signs,  odd signs, the auto port, the bridge, trees budding and of course, the critters.

Possible Blog topics percolate in my head for days and sometimes even weeks.

Sadly, I am jotting down these words with no fore thought. 

My neighbour came over this morning to tell me my car's interior light was on. 

"No worries", I said, "it'll be OK". 

"You better check it" she quickly added. "Several cars were broken into last night."

Thoughtfully I'd saved them the trouble of breaking into my car last night. 

I'd left it unlocked.

My treasured iPod, a retirement gift from my friends at Trent University, was gone. 

So today I'm sad.

I'll treat myself and the dogs with a walk at the beach and I'll putter in the garden.

But gosh -- I wish I'd locked my car last night.


  1. I'm sorry Sybs.. :(
    It is a yucky feeling to have been robbed, especially of something valuable..
    I'm glad they didn't smash your window in though..
    hang in here kiddo..
    xo j.

  2. So sorry to hear that, no doubt wonderful music which connected you to those friends and that time. Love,Stacey

  3. Thanks Julie and Stacey,

    I miss having my music in my car. And it was such a special gift when I left Trent.

    Love, Sybil

  4. Ohhh no! I'm sorry,
    However, the thief took your IPod but didn't take your memories. Replace it and find some enjoyment in putting the memories back on it. The first song should be, "You Don't Own Me" !

  5. I think that news broke my heart a little when I read it. :(
    Sorry to hear that the Trent iPod is no longer. When/if you replace it, we will just pretend it's the same one!

  6. Dearest, you haven't been truly welcomed to Eastern Passage until your vehicle has been broken into. Ours was twice within the first 6 months of arriving here.

    As you didn't mention it, I'm assuming the dastardly thieves had the decency to leave your pansies well rooted.

  7. Thanks CATs and Kathryn.

    Happily my pansies are thriving Amy-Lynn.

    Cheers, Sybil

  8. I'm sorry to hear that Sybil! What a drag!


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