Sunday, May 30, 2010

Point Pleasant Park

The city of Halifax proper is on a chubby peninsula that dips down into the world's second largest natural harbour.  Point Pleasant Park is located on 185 acres at the southern end of that peninsula facing the open mouth of the harbour, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.  It is a marvellous treasure.

A map of PPP can be found on this Wikipedia page: ,
along with shocking images of the devastation wrought  in 2003 when the eye Hurricaine Juan, with winds of 157 kmp (105 mph)  made landfall directly over the park.  Look at the two images on the right of the "Wiki" page just below the map showing the park before, and after  60% of the trees fell.

Seven years later it is a different but still beautiful park.  Since I was not here for the "before" time, I enjoy it's beauty for what it is now: an open, sunny park,  full of new growth and young trees.

Dogs are very welcome in PPP.  They must be leashed on the main road (no cars are permitted in the park).  But all the side trails are marked as "off leash". 

After a long, cold, wet winter I feel positively giddy exploring those trails, sniffing the sweet-with-blooms air and squatting to look at tiny life near the ground. 

My camera is my constant companion (along with a dog or two) and I often think about showing you what I'm seeing.  I walk with an eye to sharing the wonderful things I'm seeing and feeling.  Sauntering along a park trail, soaking in the new growth all around and watching dogs meet dogs and goof around makes me so very happy.

Do you have a special place that makes you feel this way ? 

Where is it ?


  1. Oh, you've got me hankering for PPP. When I lived in Halifax I was there daily. It is a really magical place. Now my park is Jackson's - where a creek makes due where an ocean used to be :)
    Wonderful post Sybs
    xo j.

  2. Such a beautiful spot. When my pitty was younger we took her there offleash and still take her there unleash. She sometimes doesnt come back when called.

    Yes, I am still blogging, but have been really busy lately. So much to write about! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Looks like a lovely place. Can't wait to move back to Nov Scotia!Next year I hope. One of my favourite places to walk with camera and glorious music playing in my ears, is the Cornish Coastal path here in the UK. A few snippets can be seen on my blog. Am really enjoying yours!

  4. Before Hurricane Juan wreaked its havoc, I loved to walk along the old trails through the bog behind my yard. That was my special place and I miss it.


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