Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trey sucks.

Kait has two dogs.  Trey, a one year old Staffordshire cross and Sooki, a 7 month-old, red-nose pitbull.

That brings the Eastern Passage Passage canine total to four.  Four dogs in one house !   And two of those dogs are slobbering, aggressive, diabolical "pit bulls". 

Oh wait.  Give me a minute.   I need to compose myself and stop laughing.

Even though he's only a year old, Trey is a sober, thoughtful dog.  He lives to chase the ball.  In fact he'll chase the ball past strange dogs without even glancing at them.  Apparently Trey never read the slobbering, vicious dog memo.

If he has a bone, Wendy might walk up and gently pull it from his mouth. If he doesn't care to give it up, he just grips it tighter and she walks away.  No growls.  No fight.  He loves Wendy.  She is his ball chasing buddy.  Besides, she's a girl and kinda cute.

So do you want to know why I said "Trey sucks" ?  

Well ...because HE DOES !  Trey loves to suck pillows or chunks of quilt or his doggy bed.  He just lies there with his eyes half closed sucking.  Sometimes he whines quietly.  Sometimes you can see his mouth going as if he was nursing.  We wonder if it was caused by him being taken from his mom at 6 weeks of age.

Trey loves to play tug 'o war.  He'll bring you toys and while they're clenched in his rather impessive jaws he'll bark and stare intently at you. 


Trey was still just a big pup himself when Kait adopted Sooki.  Like many small needle-toothed pups, Sooki pestered the heck outta Trey.  He was amazingly patient and gentle with her.  He seemed to understand that when she was very small she didn't understand about bad behaviour. As Sooki grew, Trey's reaction to her hyperactive bites and rough play became firmer as slowly he taught her what was and wasn't acceptable. 

He's a marvellous part of wonderful, blended group of cats and dogs.

He's just the suckiest member of the group.


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  1. 4 dogs sounds like a good even number. I couldn't imagine living with any more or any less. And I have one question - where do you fit on that bed?


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