Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheap Thrills

I was in the check out line at the bulk food store the other day and spied an item from my long-ago childhood.

It was a package of gum ...

 I told the cashier how much I used to love Thrills and I couldn't understand why there was a silly quote on the package that said:

"It still tastes like soap!"

With great relish, there at the register, I tore open the package and popped two of them into my mouth.
Chew.  Chew.
They tasted awful. 
Really, really awful.

And ... vaguely soapy.

The lady behind me in line remembered Thrills fondly and I offered her one. 
Foolishly she took it and poped it into her mouth. 
 Apparently her memory was as bad as mine as she made the most apalling face.

Some memories are best left untouched.


  1. Flashback....I remember that gum too!!! It was cheaper than the others which meant my allowance went farther! lol. It DID taste like soap then....too funny.
    I would like to have a taste again anyway! ha ha ha

  2. Oh wow. Here I am browsing old posts and wondering if you'd re-thought your original opinion of "Thrills" Flora ?


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