Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Halifax must see.

My brother and sister-in-law were here this week and together we went for a  glorious stroll around the Public Gardens.  

Even though it was a damp, overcast day, we had a wonderful walk.  The Gardens were full of blooming rhodoodendrons and the sweet smell of spring filled the air.  


 It was my first visit and I was astonished by its beauty.

What an idyllic place.  If you are ever in Halifax -- make sure you go.

And tell them Sybil sent you.


  1. Tell who? The swans? Will do :)

  2. With the help of a random stranger, I once retrieved a duck with a broken wing from the gardens (past the guard who was prepared to let the male ducks kill her).. she spent the night in a blow-up pool in my small apt just down the street and then a wonderful vet fixed her up and released her into another population.. that's my happy public gardens story!! :)


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