Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hartlen Point

This morning I took Buffy for a walk to Hartlen Point.

The Shore road that runs from Dartmouth through Woodside, Shearwater and Eastern Passage ends at Hartlen Point -- once  the site of a military installation and a war time bunker -- and now home to a golf course and a large tract of ocean view land just waiting to be explored.

The first time I went there I was a bit put off by the sign on the gate,

but a gent out walking his dog told me he'd been walking there for ten years and no one had said anything.  Of course, the word of a "gent out walking" outranks "no trespassing" signs every time.  

There is a gravel road that leads to a point of land looking out on the ocean and several side trails.  It was a foggy cool morning.  The sweet smells in the air were wonderful. 

 Buffy romped along snuffling about in the wet flowers and grasses and chasing the occasional stick.

We came across a puddle.  On the surface of the puddle were all sorts of small bugs flitting about. Buffy spied all this movement went into great-hunter-puddle-splashing-stalking mode.  I lingered to watch her have fun.

We walked on to the lookout at the tip of Hartlen Point.  It is quite lovely there.  There is a deep bay to the left and to your right is the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The flowers by the way side were covered in early morning droplets.

There were lots of flowers ....

and they were lovely ... and wet.

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  1. LOVE your close-up pic!
    ~Amy (Remi's mom)


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