Thursday, July 29, 2010

Loud and Proud

I just attended my very first Pride Parade.  Yes, that's right, I was a Pride Parade virgin !

I've never been to an event that had such a joyous sense of purpose.  There was a party atmosphere with an undertone of understanding and acceptance.  It was a vision of how the world should be.

There were costumes, floats, placards with various messages, and lots of hugs.  The line between performers and audience blurred as embraces were often exchanged  as spectators hugged those marching by. One lovely woman had a sign that read: "Free hugs".  

Yes, I hugged her.

Kait and I met up with my chums, Amy and Mickie and we found a good spot in the shade near the end of the parade route

After the parade we sauntered around the booths at the base of Citadel hill.  I got some buttons, flags and rainbow buffs for the pups from the Venus Envy booth.

We then climbed the hill to enjoy the concert.

I'd brought Buffy with me and she behaved as if she thought everyone was there just to visit with her.  No one she met have her any cause to feel that wasn't the case.

 It was a wonderful day.

For everyone.


  1. What great photos. :) Last year was my first pride parade. The sense of acceptance, of openness, of LOVE was amazing. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thank you Sybil for the THRILLS!!!!! That gum is transporting me back to my 14 year old self!! The flavor is disgusting, but the memories are a lot of fun!
    What a nice surprise that was.

  3. This was such a fabulous day! Remi is still talking about it. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Amy B


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