Monday, July 19, 2010

Shubie doobee do ...

The Halifax region is blessed with a number of off-leash dog parks.

Recently we discovered that Shubie Park in Dartmouth has an off leash lakefront beach area.

On our first visit, there were over 20 dogs romping around, chasing each other, fetching sticks or balls, or swimming to their heart's content.  There were rottweillers, labs, goldens, pitbulls, spaniels, dobermans and some smaller fluffer-nutters there.  There were quite a few puppies of varying ages who tried the patience of the adult dogs with their inappropriate face licking, yipping and pesky biting.  A lot of ball thievery went on, with owners trying to figure out whose ball their dog just retrieved.  Wendy on the other hand would seek out other owners when she felt we weren't throwing her ball enough.  She'd run up to strangers, drop her ball in front of them and stare at them until they'd throw it for her.  In the shot below, Wendy has targetted the lady in the pinkish sweater for harrassment.

I wish the folk back in Peterborough who think that allowing dogs to be off leash together is a recipe for dog fights, could visit this park.  It's an example of just the opposite.  Dogs need to learn to socialize at an early age and this park provides just that opportunity. 

In the shot below, Sooki learns that size is relative.  That's Bruno, the Great Dane, explaining it to her.

It was at this beach that Sooki and Buffy learned to swim, and we discovered that Trey enjoyed retrieving.

It's a wonderful place to go on a hot summer day.

Just watching the pack having fun makes me happy.  It's as if I'm running with them, carefree, with the fur on my face blowing back and my long ears flying in the wind.  It's wonderful to be alive !   WOOF !


  1. Hey Sybil!

    I often read your comments @ Amy's blog and she passed on this link to yours! Horray! Another friend/blog in Nova Scotia! My four dogs would have a blast at that park - what fun!

  2. Thanks Cindy Lou,

    Where do you live ?
    Four dogs ? Tell me more. Can u send me the link to your Blog ?

    Cheers, Sybil


  4. Hi Sybil,

    You don't know me, but this blog post from 2010 was made aware to me this morning, in, I think a very funny manner. Myself, my son, his then girlfriend and my wife are, along with the dogs, clearly visible in your pic. You even mention my wife (the lady in the "pinkish sweater...") in your text.

    It was shown to me today by my son's NEW girlfriend and she wasn't too pleased about finding it (showing my son's now ex-girlfriend), let me tell you! lol

    In any case, it was a good blog entry/pic!

    John Bowman


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