Saturday, July 17, 2010

Signs and wonders.

I am very ADD.  "ADD" as in  "Attention Deficit Disorder".   It's an unfortunate anacronym as I have too much attention and not a shortage of it.  I notice stuff.  All sorts of different stuff -- like signs.  I'm often snapping photos of local, odd, funny or disturbing signs. 

You know you've hit a tourist area when you see a sign like the one below. 

No shortage of things to do here.

The following wonderful sign was posted next to "The Happy Dudes Surfer Emporium" chip truck.  There was a lovely, lazy, yellow dog dozing in the shade not far from the sign.  He didn't even lift his head when we came by to take a picture.

Now what do you make of the sign below ?  Is it warning the ducks to be careful as there are children in the area ?   or is it telling children to watch out for attacking duck families ?

On gravel roads in Ontario you might see a sign that says "loose gravel".  This local sign intends to convey the same warning.

How on earth is a person supposed to avoid "flying stones" ?  I watched for ages but they pretty much just lay there on the road, thank goodness.  As I walked away I kept expecting one to whack me in the back of the head when I wasn't looking. 

I like church signs that get me thinking -- but I don't think the writer understands the impact of the message conveyed by this sign.

Did the minister / sign-writer-person not see the contradiction when later on they posted this new sign ?

I really liked this sign.  

This hand-written, self-explanatory sign in a lighthouse made me smile with its understated way of requesting that visitors not smoke.

My favourite sign is this one.  

 Great advice for all of us.

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