Thursday, July 22, 2010

A walk on the wet side ...

The weather here has been hot and sunny lately with the occassional wet day thrown in.  If it's not too cold, I'd rather be out on a wet day than in the blistering heat.  I'm just not that keen on hot weather. 
I should be careful what I wish for ...

Last week I took Wendy, Buffy and Sooki to the "back beach" at Rainbow Haven.  We walked up the track away from the ocean shore and headed for the area not used by beach goers.  Steering away from the marshes and ponds I throw the ball along the path and Wendy chases it while Buffy and Sooki chase each other.

At low tide the back beach is huge, much wider than it was last fall.  This increase has probably been at the expense of the ocean beach, as storms and surges shift sand from one area to another.

It had been raining off and on all day with some heavy down pours.  Later in the day the weatherman said the rain was done and things would be clearing up.  Foolishly I believed him but just to be safe I wore my rain slicker.

When we'd walked as far as we could, it began to drizzle and within minutes it was pouring.  Heavy rain.  So much for the forecast !  Rain sheeted down my coat and soaked my legs.   It was a sideways driving rain.  It found bad seams and soon was trickling down my back.

I hunched.  The dogs hunched.  We were a sad looking group.

The beach quickly became one big puddle.  My shoes (complete with orthodics) filled with water.  I sloshed.   It was not one of those warm rains.  It was a c-c-cold driving rain.

The poor dogs were sodden.  Buffy looked at me balefully and jumped up my legs, begging to be picked up but she is too heavy for me to carry that far.

There was nothing for it but to slouch our way back to the car. 

Once there I used the many towels and blankets to dry them as best I could.

Stoooopid weatherman !

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  1. Great story telling style. Hope you are enjoying NS.



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