Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do you know any tidal bores ?

Puns are racing through my head..."I'm in love with a tidal bore!", "I spent Sunday morning with a tidal bore."
"My tidal bore is more fun than your tidal bore.".

Perhaps the only kind of tidal bore you know is an annoying person.

Perhaps you've never even heard of MY tidal bore.

Let me introduce you.  This is a shot of me meeting the tidal bore.

To quote from the information sheet:

 ... (on the Bay of Fundy) tide water enters the bay at its widest point and as it passes along toward the head of the bay, it is in effect squeezed by the the ever-narrowing sides and by the constant shallowing of the bottom.

At the head of the bay, the advancing tide becomes a wave varying from just a ripple to several feet in height, and this wave continues into and up the Shubenacadie River which empties into the bay.  This wave is referred to as a Tidal Bore.  Thus, there is the phenomenon of a river changing its flow before your eyes as the tidal wave, or bore flows OVER the outgoing river water.

My cousin Carol, treated me to two-hour rafting ride last Sunday.

It was fun.  We screamed a lot. 

After the initial encounter with the bore our driver sought out the shallow areas where the rapids were most impressive.

He ran our boat right into the churning waves.  Sometimes just for fun, he'd turn the inflatable to the side to ensure we all got a thorough soaking.

Did I mention that we screamed a lot ?

Sometimes the waves would break right over the boat and we'd find ourselves still inside the boat but floating in the water.  All we could see of the boat was the  top edge of its inflatable sides and the top of the motor. 

These boats are incredible.  They have big holes near the floor at the rear of the boat and when the boat leaps forward the water flows out the back.

If you ever get a chance to go.  Take it.

Here is the link to the rafting park:


  1. I HAVE to do this! What wonderful photos!! ~Amy

  2. I agree Amy, you MUST do this. So much fun. The pics were taken by the rafting company's photographer.

    Report back after you go.



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