Saturday, August 21, 2010

Point Pleasant Park ... again.

I love my morning walks in Point Pleasant Park with Buffy and Sooki.  I'm usually there by 8:30 after I take Kait to work in Halifax.

The fog was still lingering over the park when we arrived but burned off within a short time. 

Often we walk along chatting with other dog folk.  Dog owners are happy to chat about their companions.

We walked around the point at the south end of the park.

A worn path lead up the hill away from the road.  We soon stumbled across a lovely patch of blackberries.

Over the last few visits I've been putting my endless supply of poop bags to a new use to collect berries. 

I'm not the only one who enjoys berry picking...

I don't mind sharing.  The dogs only pick the dubious berries that are closer to the ground, giving a whole new and negative meaning to the business expression about picking "low hanging fruit".

Help yourself.  I'm happy to share.

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  1. The pittys are adorable. The blackberries not so much! I am sooo sick of seeing blackberries. HaHa. My better half is making blackberry wine...and also drying out oooddles of blackberry seeds throughout my house to plant for next year! lol


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