Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chandler goes paddling ...

Sometimes I feel sorry for Chandler.  He's often the "odd man out".   Wendy and Trey chase balls together and Buffy and Sooki  play with each other which often leaves Chandler on his own.   

But there is one area where he gets singled out for special treatment.

Chandler goes kayaking !

Chandler loves to go kayaking.

He sits on the front of my kayak sniffing the air.  So many different things he must be smelling.  His ears occassionally blow back in the breeze.  He's very relaxed and will occassionally stand up.  He's been known to step off the kayak as if he could walk on water.  He can't.  Hence the harness so I can haul him back up.

At one end of the island we discovered the remains of what must have been a very large dock.

We paddled down the back side of the island and I beached the kayak so Chandler could jump off and have a pee.  I paddled slowly up the shoreline with him following along.  After a bit he waded out and hopped back on.

I wanted to explore more but unfortunately we'd set out rather late.  I had to paddle hard and we got back to Fisherman's Cove just as the sun was setting.

 It was a nice couple of hours spent with a good friend.

I really should do that more often.

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