Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hope for Wildlife Society

The Hope for Wildlife Society is a wildlife rescue organization in Nova Scotia.  It is run by its founder Hope Swinimer and a group of dedicated volunteers. 

Located about 30 minutes from Halifax, earlier this summer it held an open house which I visited with friends Amy and Mickie.

As the only wildlife rescue organization in Nova Scotia it takes in all injured critters that are brought in.  That meant that in the spring they had a shit load of raccoons !   

(click on the upper shot and count the 'coons on the ledge)

 But they also have deer, eagles, owls, turtles, snakes and many others as listed on the intake chart below.

For the last year their dedicated efforts have been recorded for a documentary TV series on the Oasis Channel.(An HD Nature Channel).  The series will be coming out on DVD in the future.

An Oasis film crew was there recording the Open House.  Here they are filming Hope.  

To raise funds there were auctions, both silent and live, a flea market, sales of art and a couple of other intriguing ideas.

There was a jail.  For a loonie you could have someone put in the jail.  For a loonie they could bail themselves out.  Or ... they could have you put in jail with them.  So you can just imagine how the three of us ended up behind bars.

There was a new slant on the ol' "Cow Poop Bingo" game.  In that game, a field is divided into marked Bingo grids and players bet where the cow will poop. In this case they had a guinea pig in a big room.  Drat !   I didn't win.

The turn out for the Open House was enormous as it was a warm sunny day.  It raised funds and awareness for a very worthy cause.

And it was a wonderful afternoon spent with friends.

 If you're interested in learning more about the Hope for Wildlife Society you can follow the links below:

The Hope for Wildlife Society site:

The Hope for Wildlife Society OASIS HD TV site:

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