Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Letter ...

Driving along Alderney Drive on my way to and from the Macdonald Bridge I noticed a cemetary tucked behind the "Welcome to Dartmouth" sign.

It's a small cemetary on a hill overlooking the harbour.

The sign is rusted and the entry way overgrown.

I enjoy exploring cemetaries.  Not sure why.  They are peaceful and beautiful and often there are touching messages.

There is no death, what seems so, is transition.
This life of mortal breath is
But a suburb of that life Elysian
Whose portals we call death.

One precious to our hearts has gone.
The voice we loved is stilled.
The place made vacant in our home.
Can never more be filled.

But it is the unexpected that captures my attention.

In the midst of a collection of marble engraved monuments a wooden cross stands out.

What at first glance looked tacky and out of place, upon closer scrutiny was touching and gave me pause.

There, amid the plastic flowers lies a weathered thick envelope.

I lean down to marvel that it is there and wonder about the loving message it contains.

Love is an amazing thing isn't it ?

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  1. This was really lovely. There are some great old graveyards in Halifax.. my favourite is the "church built in a day" graveyard on South Park Street..(at South) the chapel is quite lovely and in the eastern part there is a small section that is a "children's graveyard" which is sad, but touching. See if you can find my favourite stone toward the back.. it's a small white tile mosaic stone of a child called William and it's bothering me I can't remember the last name! I'll mail you $5 if you find out for me :)


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