Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking for William

My recent cemetary post elicited a note from my friend Julie who used to live in Halifax.  She used to visit  the children's section of Holy Cross Cemetary adjacent to the "Church that was built in one day".  She said the grave of a child named William was marked by a small white tile mosaic stone and she asked if I could find the stone to learn William's full name.

So I went looking for William.

The chapel was built in one day by 1,800 volunteers which was an amazing feat.. 

I found the children's section of the cemetary.  It lay to the left, separated from the rest of the cemetary by a roadway.

How sad that a church would deem innocent children who are not baptised not to be worthy of being buried with their parents. 

Many stones were too worn to read.  Others had touching understated messages like  "Gone too soon" which was on the stone of a baby who lived barely a month.

I walked between the rows still searching for William but could not find him. 

 But I'll go back again to look  for William and ponder these young lives cut short.

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