Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The best birthday present ever !

My brother Darrell treated me to a trip to Greece for my birthday !   Sure, my birthday was in March and the trip wasn't till October, but I forgive him for the delay. 

Holidaying in a different country changes your perspective.  You're off kilter but in a fun away.

You wake up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room and in an unfamiliar culture.  "It's Greek to me" takes on greater meaning.
I couldn't wait to get up each day and see the sights. Mostly, I explored on my own but sometimes Darrell and I went for a long slogs together as we both enjoy walking.

We spent two days in Athens and then moved on to the islands of Mykonos, Paros and finally Santorini.

Beaches. White buildings. Blue doors. Shops. Narrow streets. Restaurants.  Stray cats.

I'm still trying to digest the experience. 

For days I've been deleting, editing and organizing photos.  How many pictures do you take on holiday ?  After deleting hundreds of photos I'm still left with over 500 !!!    I then went through those and chose the favourite 50 or so.

There were just so many beautiful and interesting things to see and capture on film.  "Capture" is a good word.  I think photography is my attempt to freeze moments in time as if viewing the photo later would bring back the warm breeze, salty fresh air and chirping birdsong.  Sadly, the pictures are a pale imitation of the moments they represent. 

 But they're the best I can do. 

So all I'm left with are pictures ...

Pictures and wonderful memories. 


  1. Wonderful shots. Love the bird and cat in the same pose! I think 500 shots is quite modest. I am left with over 1500 after a recent trip to Peru!

  2. Thanks Lynne, the Pelican and the cat were quite funny. The bird totally ignored the cat. I guess when you're that big you can ignore cats. Cheers, Sybil

  3. Maybe your brother would like to adopt another sister?? What a lovely birthday present!
    I also love that bird and cat shot. Another favourite is the photo of the stairs. They are all wonderful.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the bird and cat picture! All are beautiful.

  5. Everyone wants my brother to adopt them ... or marry them ...

    I'm so lucky. He's a wonderful brother.



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