Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm baaaaa-aaaack ...

In my case, the old expression "No good deed goes unpunished" should be changed to "Go on a holiday and you'll pay for it when you get home".

As my more than five followers know, I just went on holiday.  My wonderful brother Darrell, took me and his wife and her sister on a two week trip to Greece !  We went to Athens and three Greek islands. It was a terrific holiday and I will tell you about it later.

But like that good deed, my time away was not without negative consequences.

Very tangible negative consequences.

Sigh ...

Apparently the dogs missed me.

As Kait was often out at school or work or studying, the dogs did not get the attention or exercise that they were accustomed to.

They entertained themselves by chewing on corners of things.  Antique stool.  Favourite chair.  The piano.

But their piece de resitance was the window sill ...

I think the damage was caused by Buffy and Sooki as they are the youngest and easily bored. 

Now that everyone is getting more attention and walks, things have settled back into old routines -- but it may be a while before I screw up the courage to go away again.

Or not ...


  1. Oh dear Sybs.. they were protesting your absence.. hopefully most is repairable..
    I missed you too and will stop chewing my finger nails neurotically (sp?) now..

  2. Dear Anonymous, why were you chewing your finger nails ?


  3. I'm sure it was worth it, Sybil. You were probably wanting a new couch anyway. And look at that fabulous photo you got here of the dog on the broken couch. Priceless. You'll have that picture forever. Beautiful. You can't ask for better than that.

  4. Ahhhh Joan,

    You and I think alike.
    I will go away again.
    It was worth it.
    That's why I buy stuff at the thrift store !


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