Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Point Pleasant Park casualty

Friday after the "Lunch Bunch" Choir in Halifax,  I went for a lovely walk at Point Pleasant Park with Wendy, Buffy and Sooki.  It was a cold, clear day and a good wind was blowing. 

I find three of them OK to manage while all five can be a handful. 

At five years old, Wendy is a settled mature dog. I say "stop" and she stops.  I say "slow down" and she does so.  Buffy tends to follow her around like an adoring younger sister.  But Buffy's best buddy is Sooki.  They chase each other, deliberately bumping into each other and it's usually Buffy who gets bowled over.  Sooki is neither agile nor quick but what she lacks in speed she makes up for in sheer power.  She's growing into a big powerful dog. 

A big powerful dog with the most delightful, suitably sumissive, personality.  Cesar Milan would love her !    She is a terrific ambassador for the breed (red-nose pitbull).  Anyone who meets her loves her.  She lopes toward strangers with head and tail low, with the latter wagging frantically and then wiggles her way around them.  
One of the problems with "Pitties" is their high pain tolerance.  There was no indication that anything had happened.   No peep from Sooki.  We were trotting along a path heading back to the car when I  noticed  that the lower part of her leg was RED. 

She'd somehow sliced that lumpy bit that sticks out on the back of the leg.  When we got home Kait cleaned it up and bandaged it. 

And Sooki went to rest in bed with some friends.


  1. I wish I had Sooki's pain tolerance! Hope she recovers well and infection-free :)
    xo j.

  2. She's all healed Julie.

    Love, Sybil

  3. Good to hear she is healed. Love that photo of all of them sleeping.


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