Friday, January 28, 2011

A walk worth waiting for.

Janet and I had been talking about getting together for ages.   Today we actually made it.   It's funny how two retirees have to wait a couple of months before locking down a time when their schedules mesh.

A walk at Point Pleasant Park and a coffee sounded like a good plan.  It was a nice morning.  Not sunny but not too cold or windy.   I'd brought Buffy, Sooki and Chandler to join us on our walk.

The trails snaking throughout the park provided us with endless route possibilities. The paths were a bit slippery so we didn't move as fast as we'd like.  I think I'm glad as I suspect my version of  fast wouldn't come close to Janet's.

We encountered many folk walking dogs but none with as many as Steve.  Steve is a professional dog walker and has been known to have as many as 12 dogs with him.  We stopped for a chat and to admire his pack.

Continuing on our way we were surprised to come across a cleverly disguised group of terrorist trainees in the midst of a garrotting class. 

Frightened they might see us clandestinly photographing them, we hid under a picnic table until they all moved off shouting and pumping their fists in the air.

After our close brush with the ladies-for-hire and their fake baby carriages we decided to make good our escape and head for the coffee shop where we had a lovely natter and vowed not to let so much time pass before our next get together.

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  1. Hi Sybil, Looks good and cold over there! Love the dog walker's collection of canines. Much more preferable than the baby carriages in my view! Only four weeks until we come to NS, looks like we'll still catch some snow! Looking forward to that coffee.


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