Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy mad for sticks !

Trey likes sticks.  Trey is crazy-mad for sticks. 

Trey thinks that THIS is a stick !

 Trey expects this human to throw sticks that are the size of logs. 
This human is sick of  trying to heave big sticks and being barked at incessantly.

Throw my stick.   Throw my stick !  THROW MY STICK !!!!

Sometimes this human gets so sick of the bark, bark, BARKING that she takes desperate action. 
Just yesterday she got so ticked off, she stuffed the dog's his stick down a hole. 
A big hole under a tree root.

And that made the dog very upset.

My stick.   My stick !  I WANT MY STICK !!!
Fine -- I'm going in after it.
Ha !   Got it !

Throw my stick. 

Throw my stick !  



  1. laugh, Laugh, LAUGHING!!
    Too funny.
    Just don't have too much of a tantrum, Tantrum, TANTRUM!!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Oh Trey drives me nuts, Nuts, NUTS ! But I do love him. He's lucky we have that marvellous trail in the woods at the ends of the street. He couldn't got just anywhere and get away with bark, Bark, BARKing like that !



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