Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dreaming of spring ...

I love to garden, so a time when I cannot dig in -- or even see -- the earth, depresses me. 

Even non-gardeners suffer from the bleakness of short days and long nights in our northern winters.

Wendy in my last garden.
Now as the sun slowly begins its return, I cling to the memory of  summers past and yearn for the spring yet to come.

I dream of things I want to do with my garden.  Stone-lined paths I want to make.  Bird feeders, bird houses, an arbour, a new pond and a bridge top the list.

My last garden
I scroll through images of my last garden.  It was an open, unadorned grassed-yard when I moved in, but four years later it was loaded with perennials and meandering paths.  Four years -- but I was working full-time.  Now I'm retired,  I figure I can do it in three with my present yard.

Ponds, bench and paths in my last garden.

Feel free to time me.  Pull up a chair while you're waiting.

Last yard deck.



  1. Sybil, What a gorgeous garden. I am keen to learn what is good to grow in Nova Scotia. Part of my dream is for a large garden. Soon be arriving, really looking forward to it. Spent a dark, rainy day in London yesterday, but got some colourful shots. Next stop; Halifax!!!

  2. What a colorful cheerful garden! It's that time of year for getting impatient to dig in!

  3. Thanks ingebrita,

    I miss my old garden and can't wait for the new one to develop its own character.

    This time of year is one of yearning and planning and day-dreaming isn't it ?

    Thanks for visiting.


  4. What a beautiful little garden Sybil! I love that meandering rock path and the little water feature too!
    Which reminds me. I MUST get out the seed catalogues to plan this year's veggie garden.
    If you need lupines.......we have loads of them and I also saved some seeds from last year.

  5. How very beautiful Sybil. I'm already so impressed with how much you've transformed your present garden.

  6. Thanks Amy-Lynn (Flandrumhill),

    I am so happy when I'm out just lugging rocks around and digging in my garden. My brain quiets down for a bit and at the end of a long day in the garden I love that tired feeling.

    Can't wait.


  7. What a gorgeous garden! I'll hope you'll post lots of photos of your new garden 'in process'.

  8. Ahhh VetVoyeur,

    It's pretty gross looking and messy right now. I spread straw around the minimize the muck factor. But you're right. In fairness I should show the bad with the good.

    OK. Stay tuned for a mucky garden Post.


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