Sunday, February 13, 2011

A love story ...

Love is an amazing thing ! 

My British dad and my prairie-girl mom, met at her parent's Saskatoon dinner table.  Grandma invited soldiers who were billeted in the city, over for some home-cooked food.   A week or two after meeting,  mom and dad were engaged.

Not long after, Dad was shipped to Dorval, Quebec for further training.  During this time they exchanged letters until mom joined him there in May of 1942 -- just shy of her 20th birthday -- to marry him.

These are some of the many loving letters he sent her.

Dad decorated his letters with wonderful illustrations.  Sometimes he depicted "10 Lullaby Lane" -- their imaginary, cottage for two.

They adored each other.

She was down to earth, serious and practical.  He was a funny, artsy, dreamer. 

She grounded him and he made her laugh.

It's the laughter I remember most.   The laughter and the love. 

62 years of it.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Wow! Now THOSE are Valentine cards.

  2. Oh my goodness Sybs - that is a lovely Valentine's post!
    xo Julie

  3. Thanks.

    Looking through the letters I got misty-eyed.

    I really hope that there is an "ever after" and that they are there -- together -- waiting for me.

    You can't live around that kind of love and not miss it when it's gone.



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