Monday, February 7, 2011

Operators are standing by ...

I chatted with my friend Sandy today while we played an on-line game of double solitaire.

While we were playing, her dogs started to bark in the background, so I put my headset on Buffy to see what she'd make of the experience.  I'm not sure WHAT she made of it, but she listened to the barking intently.

Perhaps there was a language barrier as Sandy's dogs speak Golden Retriever and Buffy doesn't do well with accents.


  1. How does she do with Pug-A-Poo? Probably sounds like Tagalog to her!

  2. Pug-a-Poo accents can be difficult and they do have a tendency to make snorting sounds while they talk, which makes it even worse. You will note in the picture how carefully Buffy is listening, as Retrievers tend to talk very fast. She obviously likes phone work as she's applied for jobs at several local call centres.


  3. You are such a goofball!


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