Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Snow Day at Last !

The trouble with being retired is that a "Snow Day" just isn't the same.   Sorta like weekends. 

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed.  It was really quite impressive.  Roads were dangerous.  Schools, Universities and Libraries closed.    Worse still - the liquor store closed ! 

I shovelled the driveway twice and took the dogs  for a woodsy walk at the end of our street.

This is what it was like when we went for our walk.

Today, the driveway had to be shovelled yet again as the snow plough had been by and very effectively sealed us in with a wall of snow.  It was the most snow we'd had in Eastern Passage since we moved here.

The sun came out, the wind died down and the temperature rose -- so back into my woods we went.

This is the park at the end of the street. 
The path into the woods is off to the right.

The path down into the woods.
 The snow was almost knee deep.  The dogs "humped" their way along leaping in and out of the snow.  For Chandler it was tougher going.  As he's shorter than the others he just pushes his way along through the snow, doing his best to follow the paths made by me and the other dogs. 

The woods were lovely and peaceful. 

It was enough to almost make me like snow.  

I hope we have another lovely snowfall -- next year.


  1. Ah... dear little short-legged Chandler. We long-legged creatures often take for granted how easy it is for us to get around in deep snow. I think Chandler needs a couple of pairs of miniature snowshoes :)

  2. Amy-Lynn,

    It's not just that the little bugger is short but the longer hair on his legs is a snow magnet. After his walk it's easier to give him a bath than to brush the snow balls off his legs. Plus it warms him up ...


  3. Oh Boy, Nova Scotia here we come!! Shall we bring our own shovels??? It looks lovely though, especially little Chandler. Hope I get a chance to meet him! There are some lovely shots on your blog Sybil, I'm really enjoying my visits,


  4. Hi Lynne, thanks for your kind comments. Hopefully the snow dumps will be over before your visit.

    Looking forward to welcoming you back home.



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