Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let me remind you ...

Spring is waiting 'round the corner with lovely walks down warm, sun-dappled roads.

Point Pleasant Park

Adding a happy dog to the mix doubles the joy.  Walking with two or three raises the joy factor exponentially. 

Trey and Wendy at the PPP spring

A sign on a park bench at Shubie dog park.  

"If there are no dogs in Heaven then I want to go where they went"

In my mind there are three of us running and running down the park road -- loving the sensation of the wind on our furry faces and revelling in the marvellous scents it brings.

Chandler and Wendy

Other times we just like to sit, and enjoy the view.

Buffy at the Dartmouth Commons dog park


  1. I loved this Sybs - definitely gets me itching for Spring! For now, it's time to do taxes while the snow falls :)
    xo julie

  2. That reminds me -- I haven't done my 2009 yet !

  3. Nothing better than seeing a couple of dogs barreling down a path in spring! Looks like they have a wonderful life.

  4. Oh Sybil, these are lovely pictures! So glad I met these charming critters!!!


    Lynne xx


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