Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new way of looking at things ...

After last week's lichen-hunt with my chum Amy-Lynn, I've taken to exploring the woods with a hand lens in my pocket.

It's amazing the tiny detail it reveals.

So the other day I wondered what would happen if I tried to put the lens of my cheapo little digital camera against the eyepiece of the hand lens and snap a picture.

And this is what happened.   The above shot looks like a terrarium.  But what you're looking at is about one inch across.   You can click on it and any of the pictures to reveal even more detail.

I was really quite surprised and pleased with the results.

The hand lens will go with me on all my walks in the future.

What tiny marvels are all around us just waiting to be discovered.


  1. Sybil, these are wonderful and revealing images!! I'm transported to another world through them - fantastic. Although I've tried photographing birds through our telescope (with very little success I might add) I'd never even considered the possibility of using a hand lens. Seems I have to go and find somewhere that sells them! Looking forward to further discoveries while you're out and about! Thanks.

  2. That's pretty cool! What a great idea.

  3. Do you attach this lens to your camera? How does it work?

  4. Julian, I think you'd get that kind of hand lens from an old fashioned camera store. The one I use was intended for looking at slides.

    Thanks Cindy. I was surprised the results were as good as they were.

    Lynne, check out the top pic. I literally just sat the camera lens where I'd put my eye.
    I'm wondrin' if I could do the same thing with one side of my binoculars coz I can't afford a zoom. I'm working with a $100 digital camera and expecting it to do things an SLR would do.


  5. These are amazing, Sybil. I love how they look like a terrarium or planets with the curvature of the lens.


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