Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roll up -- roll up for the mystery tour

When I moved to Nova Scotia a year and a half ago I didn't know anyone here.  Prior to my arrival I corresponded with a Blogger who lived here.  I peppered her with questions which she patiently answered making me feel  more comfortable with the move.  Even better, after I arrived, she came to my house and took me for a marvellous drive to show me "all the things I wished someone had shown me when I arrived here 20 years ago".   That Blogger is now my good friend Amy-Lynn.

So --  it felt right, a while back, when I got a message from a Blogger named Lynne in England who was thinking of moving to Nova Scotia.  We corresponded and she asked questions which I tried to answer.  Now she's here on a much-aniticipated exploratory visit.  Amy-Lynn and I met her for coffee in Halifax and offered to show her around.   It was a marvellous when the three of us hit it off.

Our first get-together.  We hit it off right away.

Today we took Lynne on a whirlwind magical, mystery tour.  Her head must have been spinning as we chattered on about the places we were visiting: Fisherman's Cove, McCormack's board walk, Hartlen Point, Silver Sands beach, the Cow Bay Moose and Rainbow Haven.  It's a pity it was so darn cold or we could have done some beach walking. 

Lynne and Amy-Lynn hustle back to the warmth of the car.

But the piece de resistance was a trip to "Timmies".   Tim Hortons is a coffee chain in Canada, that is a beacon of success in the Canadian coffee shop landscape.  We think of it as being iconicly Canadian.*    Heck, there is even a Tim Hortons on the Canadian Forces Base in Kandahar, Afghanistan !

Lynne's "Timmies" tutorial was extensive with an explanation of  everything from "double-doubles" to "Tim bits", culminating in a lesson on how to "Roll up the Rim to win".

Lynne captures her very first shot at "Rolling up the Rim" and reveals "Please Play Again"

Lynne was a wonderful pupil and applied herself studiously, sampling not just the apple fritter but the maple-glazed donut that had been made just for her when the staff learned it was her first visit.

The other patrons were most envious of our personalized service.

Something tells me it won't be her last trip to Tim Hortons.  I hope Lynne doesn't think that "Timmies" always provides table service to everyone.

*  We studiously ignore the fact that our Canadian icon is now American owned.


  1. It was fun to come over here and see more about the Grand Tour! I think Amy-Lynn is founding her own N.S. colony.

  2. torchlakeviews -- I think you're correct. And who better to introduce a newcomer to N.S. than our Flandrum Hill chum, Amy-Lynn ?

    Lynne (Five Good Things) has decided that they will be moving here in July.

    I never appreciated how Blogging can open up the world and bring new friends your way. A rare and precious commodity.


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