Saturday, March 19, 2011

There goes the beach

I took Wendy, Sooki and Buffy to Rainbow Haven yesterday.  

Not sure why, as the wind was hurling and the temperature hovered just above zero.

For some strange reason we had the beach to ourselves.

Buffy, Sooki and Wendy running into the blowing sand.

 The wind was blowing the sand away from the front of the beach toward the back beach.

Sooki enjoyed interpreting all the marvellous scents the wind brings.

Unfortunately the front of the beach is the swimming area that faces the ocean.  The back beach isn't suitable for swimming as the channel narrows causing dangerous swimming conditions due to the tides.

The back beach gets bigger and bigger.

But is is a marvellous place for a walk.

Inland is a grassy area.  Often there are signs that storm surges have overwhelmed the land as seaweed can be found dangling from scrubby bushes.

Parts of it can be a bit mucky at this time of year.

Buffy smelled as bad as she looked !


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful walk on the beach with the dogs, Sybil! I hope you were dressed warmly. Then it can be even more fun to stay, even though the wind is blowing.

  2. I have a big puffy purple coat Kathy. Not the height of fashion but very warm.

  3. Is this one of the beaches where people go surfing in all kinds of weather? It looks like a great place for a walk. Cute dogs!

  4. Looks fab Sybil. Wish I was with you. Those puppy dogs have the best life!!


  5. farmhousestories, nope. Rainbow Haven is a popular beach quite close to Halifax. It's absolutely crowded in summer but as you can see, has few visitors in the cold months. If you keep driving down the eastern shore another 15 minutes you'll come to Lawrencetown beach. OMG they surf there in winter. Brrrrr. I also understand that there is a point of land in Cow Bay (quite near here) where, when the conditions are right they also surf. In fact, this year they'll be putting in a parking lot and boardwalk to make it easier for the surfers to get there. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

  6. Lynne, wish you were here too. Did u click on the pic of the three dogs ? You can really see the whipping sand when you do. The effect was amazing.

  7. I love that photo - the babies look superimposed! Great shot Syb! ~amy&remi

  8. Sybil, I can't get over how wide that stretch of beach has become. Those sands keep shifting...

  9. Thanks Amy & Remi. I am pleased with the shot.

    Amy-Lynn, I've never experienced such changable geography before, between the erosion at Hartlen Point and the shifting sands of Rainbow Haven, you don't know what you're going to find when you visit.


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