Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trey ...

And now we return you to the continuing saga of Trey and his ingested bone fragment and Sybil and her declining bank account.
When last you tuned in, Trey was at the vets having I.V.s, enemas, X-rays and alien anal probes.  All but one 2 cm. bone fragment had shifted and Trey was enjoying a diet of expensive vet canned dog food and the affections of the vet techs who all adore him.

Sybil was wringing her hands and whining "Oh woe is me" over and over.  It was hard to know if her anguish was over the suffering of a poor, extremely dumb animal or her next VISA statement.
But, oh joy !  Oh Bliss !  Trey came home !

He triumphantly returned home last night with a wagging tail, intrusive tongue and four days of pent up energy.  He tossed toys around and sucked on his favourite pillow, then settled down for a nap with a couple of friends.

Me ?  

I'm still whining and wringing my hands and wondering if the same outcome would have happened if I'd done nothing and just let nature take its course ?

The grand total between the two vets was over $900 !


  1. Me too Amy.

    With just one dog, you might consider buying pet insurance. We have too many animals for that but I am seriously considering getting for Trey as he is so accident prone.

    BTW he's barking in my face and holding his stuffed toy. He wants me to go for it. I'm not that stupid.

    Cheers, Sybil

  2. I'm so glad that Trey is okay. It's so hard to do nothing even though I bet there are times the result would be the same. That particular expensive vet canned dog food is (unfortunately) familiar to me as well!

  3. Hi Sybil ... I'm so glad to hear that Trey is okay and didn't need surgery. I know it is sometimes hard to have to shell out so much money for a bit of care by the vet, but our animals are members of the family and we will do whatever it takes to save them (or try to save them - I spent $700 and still ended up with a dead dog). You know it is all worth it when you see him being his normal happy self. Everytime he makes you smile you can check off a couple of the bucks you had to spend. Keep smilin' .... Cheers. Betty

  4. I'd have done the same thing. It's too hard to watch pets suffer. VV

  5. Glad to hear he is doing okay. I feel your pain...mighty Thor got the diabetes a few years back and I feel like we are still paying!

  6. Thanks for your comments. My daughter reminded me of the fluids they gave Trey, who had become dehydrated. And all the other things they did for him. She feels the outcome would have been bad had we not taken him to the vet.

    She's probably right ...


  7. It's only money Sybil. How can you compare that with a dumb dog that sucks pillows!!


  8. I have spent well over $6,000 on Daisy since she was diagnosed with diabetes last October - at least Trey is young and beautiful - one time though - when one of my dogs Leonard was young - she chewed up and ate an empty can of pop - we called it the $500 can of pop - they xrayed her and saw the little pieces all through her digestive tract. What dog eats a can of pop? Jeesh! Puppies! You've got to love them, because you can't cook them for supper and eat them.

  9. OMG Joan -- dogs can be so frikkin stoooopid.

    Who says you can't cook 'em for supper and eat 'em ? Works for the Chinese ...


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