Friday, March 4, 2011

Wondering about the Wizard ...

When I was younger I'd watch the "Wizard of Oz" every year.

I think a lot of us did.

I never thought much about the Wizard.   Seemed like a kindly old gent.  But think again.   He ruled by trickery, deliberately bullying and instilling fear in the gentle folk of Oz.   He hid behind a curtain and terrorized anyone who had the temerity to visit him with a request.  Not a nice guy !

Why didn't I think about this before ?

And Jack.  You remember Jack.  He climbed a beanstalk where he was sheltered by the giant's wife.  She fed him and kept him safe from her husband who had a bad case of the human-munchies.   How did Jack repay her hospitality ?   He stole from her.  He stole the goose that laid golden eggs and the singing harp and when Mr. Giant followed thief down the beanstalk -- Jack chopped it down -- killing the giant and making his befactor a window.

Why didn't I think about this before ?

What else have I accepted that merits a re-think ?

Recently I was sent a slew of funny pictures.  This shot was in the midst of them. 

Is this picture funny ?  

 Life is complicated. 

Isn't it ?


  1. That picture was part of the "Reasons to Carry a Camera" collection of shots - Unfortunately we don't know enough about the picture to determine whether it is funny or a horrible sign of the times.

  2. Thanks Betty,

    Pretty sure it's the latter ...

    Hugs, Sybil

  3. You are right about that Wizard, Sybil. And Jack~~what a thief! Will have to re-think some of these stories...


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